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0001118graphvizNeatopublic2006-05-03 15:212011-04-28 04:03
Reporterpaul womack 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOS*-*-OS Version
Summary0001118: neato -n2 pulls apart edges

>> ccomps -x | dot | gvpack | neato -s -n2 -Tps This pipeline
>> decomposes the graph in into its connected components, lays out
>> each using dot, packs them all together again, and produces the final
>> drawing in PostScript. Of course, there is nothing to prevent one from
>> using different layouts for each component.

I am having a few minor troubles with this pipeline:

ccomps -x | dot | gvpack | neato -s -n2 -Tps

In essence it's doing
what I wanted, but it seems to "tear apart" the arrows. In particular
with the attached dot file, the small graphs (trivial cases)
don't look happy at all.
Additional Information

[pwomack] some more information concerning bug 939:

I've changed the output created automatically by our app which
causes dot to abort processing w/o any graph output.

It seems the strings in the record structures are simply too
long. The attached file works with the current GraphViz release 2.8.

Note the fields "Master: ...", which caused dot to abort processing.
The original format as initially submitted in the bug report form
was something like

 ... | Master: '000000040000040500010CC5' | ...

(The string after master could also become longer, not sure how long
the longest string was in the initially submitted file which causes dot
to abort processing).

Changing the output of our tool to produce the following

 ... | Master: '00000004 00000405 00010CC5' | ...

works again w/o any problem.
We now put a space after every 8. character, this seems to
please dot.

    "We now put a space after every 8. character, this seems to please dot."

Just an accidental result I think. It is crashing during edge routing (routespl.c:394),
so the extra spaces are probably just moving things around enough to avoid
triggering the problem. A different graph will likely trigger the bug even with spaces.
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (3 May 2006)
VERSION     2.9
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