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0001099graphvizDotty/Lneato/Leftypublic2006-04-10 08:062011-04-28 04:03
ReporterChristos P Sotiriou 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-FC4OS Version
Summary0001099: Dotty crashes on a clustered graph
Labels in the subgraphs cause dotty to crash... Dot generates the correct PS output
Additional Information

if you remove the:

label = "group0, id=[0,1.]";

type statements labelling the clusters dotty draws the graph fine!


[ek] one thing that would help would be to:

1. select 'save as' from the menu and save the graph in a new file.
2. run dot on that new file directly and see what happens.
3. if dot fails, send us this new file.

do you see any core dumps when it fails?


No, not at all, it does not coredump.

The saved output from dotty is \<A HREF="b921a.dpt"\>here.\</A\>.

[ek] can you try running the through dot directly,
    ie: dot
    and see if that works, or if you get a core dump or any error messages. works with my version.

  Emden, can you try it with the official versi

[erg] The official versions work fine on the saved version.

[erg] See bug 911
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (16 May 2006)
VERSION     2.8 and 2.9 (devel)
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