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0001094graphvizDotpublic2006-04-03 11:392011-04-28 04:03
ReporterAndrea Capiluppi 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-Ubuntu 5.10OS Version
Summary0001094: connections between entities at the same level fail

among the definitions I have:

    Level0 -> Level1 -> external node [shape = ellipse];
    {rank = same; Level0 "level0"};
    {rank = same; Level1 "level1-A"};
    {rank = same; Level1 "level1-B"};

this to align all the entities to their level.

If I try and connect entities in the same level, say:

    "level1-A" -> "level1-B" [label=26];

dot crashes

[erg] Note that the output file comes from dotty.
Steps To Reproduce

digraph "gaim-0.8.0" {
    Level0 -> Level1 -> external node [shape = ellipse];
    {rank = same; Level1 "pixmaps"};
    {rank = same; Level1 "level1"};

    "pixmaps" -> "level1" [label=26];
Additional Information

[erg] When you say "dot crashes", is there any error message or do you just get a core dump?
Also, from the attachment, it appears you are using dotty rather than dot directly. Do
you have the same problem if you run dot on your input?
Finally, we have made a lot of changes concerning nodes on the same rank since 2.2.1. If possible,
you should consider moving to the current 2.8 release and see if the bug has gone away.

[acapiluppi] dot 2.2 gives a "segmentation fault" when creating that same graph. I see that
whenever I join two nodes at the same level, I have to _avoid_ any labels, so
that it works again. Dot 2.8 works well with labels.

[erg] So you are saying that the problem is fixed in 2.8?

[acapiluppi] yes, indeed, now the graphs display ok with labels on connections between
elements of the same rank
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VERSION     2.2.1-1sarge1
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