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0001006graphvizDotpublic2005-11-22 18:472011-04-28 04:03
ReporterTodd Bruner 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-Debian Linux testing 2OS Version
Summary0001006: SVG attribute in text element font-size:xx.yy; not valid to Firefox 1.5

dot -T svg > test.svg

test.svg has text elements for the node like:
<text text-anchor="middle" x="32" y="26" style="font-size:10.00;">xyz</text>

note style="font-size:10.00;"
Firefox's 1.5 javascript debugger complains that font-size attribute is
not correct and drops it, resulting in the wrong font-size being displayed.

Replacing 10.00 with 10px with a text editor, and then reloading into
firefox fixes the problem (you get the 10px font-size you desired.)
Steps To Reproduce

digraph test {
     graph [ ratio = fill, bgcolor="#ffffff"];
     node [ label = "\N" ];
     graph [ bb="0,0,337,322" ];
     node1 [ label = "XYZ", color="#ff0000", fontsize="10px", shape=ellipse];
     node2 [ label = "abc", color="#00ff00", fontsize="10px", shape=ellipse];
     node1 -> node2 [label = "xyz->abc"];
Additional Information

[ellson] Latest* versions of graphviz have dropped the use of style="...font-size..."
since, as I understand it, the use of "style" implies CSS.

The font sizes are now fixed to the drawing, which is good. Previously the font sizes
were getting modified by firefox user-preferences, independently of the rest of the drawing,
which makes no sense for graphviz drawings.

So, I don't think bug#827 is applicable any more.

[robert.simpson] I was using the 'current stable release' downloaded approx 2 weeks ago
(2.20 I think). The latest development snapshot fixes the bug by
replacing font-size:8.00 with font-size="8.00". That works ok in
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VERSION     2.6
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