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0002596graphvizDotpublic2016-04-08 08:192016-04-11 09:42
LinuxMint 17 and Fedora 21
2.36 & 2.38
0002596: Segmentation Fault with ports if duplicated transitions
When having some identical not labelled transitions with ports, dot crashes with a segmentation fault (tried with version 2.36 on Mint 17 and 2.38 on Fedora 21).

The following MWE produces a segmentation fault:

digraph G {

// c594 [label=<<table title="algos.common_data_rep.WeaklyConnectedComponent" port="p">
// <tr><td> WeaklyConnectedComponent </td></tr> </table>>];
// c595 [label=<<table title="algos.common_data_rep.Actor" port="p">
// <tr><td> Actor </td></tr> </table>>];
// c604 [label=<<table title="algos.ars.GraphPartitioning" port="p">
// <tr><td> GraphPartitioning </td></tr> </table>>];

node [shape=record];
c594 [label="

c595 [label="

c604 [label="


c594:p -> c595:p ;
c604:p -> c595:p ; //[label="tata"];
c604:p -> c595:p ; //[label="tata"];
c604:p -> c594:p ;


(content of

The problem is the same if the ports are declared with <..> syntax or with an HTML node attribute. Adding non empty label to the duplicated transitions corrects the issue.

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dot (660) 2016-04-08 08:19
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2016-04-11 09:42   
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I have tried again to repoduce the bug, this time with the last version available on the github repository. It "seems" to have been fixed in version 2.39.

I say "seems" because I actually cannot build correctly dot, so the export in jpg or png is not available and graphviz/config6 file contains related errors :
#FAILS png:vrml 1
#FAILS gif:vrml 1
#FAILS jpeg:vrml 1
#FAILS jpe:vrml 1
#FAILS jpg:vrml 1
Also I've had some trouble with edgepaint binary, I had to remove "-lstdc++" from cmd/edgepaint/ (note that I use g++-5.3, which is only available in tests repositories with Mint 17).

But in any cases, the described bug was reproductible on version 2.38 even without exporting the result to an image.