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0002595graphvizBuild/Installpublic2016-04-05 13:072016-04-07 10:22
using yum install (so latest stable release)
0002595: yum install graphviz* does not include gts
tried doing a yum install with the repo file posted at and I keep getting a "missing triangulation library"; did a subsequent download of the gts rpm and a yum install of that rpm, same issue
run yum install 'graphviz*' with the repo file on a rhel7 install, package does not include gts, please advise where I can get a version built with gts
hi sfdp doesn't work without triangulation, please advise
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2016-04-05 13:21   
There are gts el7 rpms available on [^]

I'm not sure why yum didn't find them ... perhaps I need a copy in the snapshot collection ...
2016-04-05 13:58   
is there a way I can check with a command line option to verify gts there or not (I mean when I try to render I get the missing triangulation library message). thanks, let me know if you want me to do a more recent pull, thanks
2016-04-07 10:22   
hi, running sudo yum install 'graphviz*' and then running with sfdp gives a "missing triangulation library" error (gts)... subsequently running the gts rpm (with sudo yum install 'gts-version') says that it does not update an installed package. (running rpm -ivh <gts-version> says that there is nothing left to install). it would be useful to have fdp, sfdp available, please advise (running on rhel7)