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0002594graphvizDotpublic2016-03-15 05:472016-03-15 05:47
0002594: shortest.c:324: triangulation failed while using ports in combination with rank=same
libpath/.\shortest.c:324: triangulation failed
libpath/.\shortest.c:192: source point not in any triangle
Error: in routesplines, Pshortestpath failed

I know there is a similar report 0002382, but I have little tiny graph that produces the crash which might be easier to debug.
I imagine that whenever rank=same is combined with linking multiple ports that lie in the same rank produces the error.

digraph G {
  node [shape="Mrecord"];

    A -> B -> C
    A -> D

    {rank="same"; D; C}
    C [ label="{C-title | <st> Start | <sp> Stop }"];
    D [ label="{D-title | Begin | <e> End}"];

    C:st:e -> D:b:w;
    C:sp:e -> D:e:w;
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