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0002587graphvizDotpublic2016-01-15 22:222016-01-15 22:48
0002587: [feature suggestion] Need command line parameter to limit the number of graphs in one session
For example, I want to process only one graph. Currently EOF from stdin is the only way to stop 'dot'. But sending EOF might be problematic in some contexts. For ex. popen call might not support EOF.

I suggest dot command should have the command line argument for this.
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2016-01-15 22:32   
Here's a crazy thing: it turns out this undocumented feature already exists. For reasons too weird to explain, if you just put a plain @ after the graph body, that is interpreted by the lexical scanner as an EOF. This has been around almost forever in graphviz. Go for it.
    digraph G {
        hello -> world
Stephen North
2016-01-15 22:48   
This works, thanks!

I think you can add a line about this to dot's manpage.