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0002582graphvizDotpublic2015-12-15 22:222015-12-18 19:35
steve roush 
dot - graphviz version 2.38.0 (20140413.2041)
0002582: crash (Segmentation fault) in emit_page (emit.c) if input has layers and if GVRENDER_DOES_MAPS is NOT true for the render (pov)
In release 2.38.0, for layers>1, job->obj->id is referenced in the emit_page function. However, gvcjob.h says id is only valid /* if GVRENDER_DOES_MAPS */.
I believe that currently this only is a problem for the POV renderer, but I found the bug as I was testing an "html5 canvas" renderer that I am trying to complete.
using dot 2.38.0 and the pov renderer, compile any .gv file that includes layers.
It will core dump.
Sometime between release 2.26.3 and 2.38.0, emit.c changed significantly. The old version works correctly for this situation.
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steve roush   
2015-12-18 19:35   
- additionally, the line:
in the function emit_end_graph will also cause a crash for POV file format if input included layers