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0002577graphvizOutput Generationpublic2015-11-09 23:302015-11-09 23:30
steve roush 
dot - graphviz version 2.38.0 (20140413.2041)
0002577: PIC renderer does not work and probably never has
PIC output produces odd error messages when fed to gpic due to roff comments being embedded in the PIC code, instead of PIC comments. While possibly legal, gpic can't handle these comments.
More importantly, after fixing the comment format, it became apparent that the PIC renderer produces useless output (a string of numbers representing x/y coordinates - nothing else) for all PIC commands, except for the ellipse command.

Icing on the cake is that (to my knowledge) PIC can only "fill" circles, ellipses, and boxes, not general polygons.

Maybe it is time to bury PIC - or just support a subset of object types.
run any dot file thru the PIC renderer and the output through gpic.
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