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0002569graphvizOtherpublic2015-09-17 04:522016-04-19 22:11
0002569: graphviz-2.39.20150906.1732.tar.gz has changed on your server
The file [^] has changed since it was initially published.

The original file can be downloaded from [^] for comparison.

I'm attaching a text file showing the difference between the two files.

You should probably replace the new version of 2.39.20150906.1732 with the old version from your backups or from the MacPorts server. Otherwise MacPorts users and others who verify the checksums of their downloads will get a checksum verification failure.

This type of problem happened once before, when you originally changed your development snapshots from once-daily to once-daily-if-something-changed but I thought your script had been fixed.
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diff graphviz-2.39.20150906.1732.diff (4,155) 2015-09-17 04:52
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2015-09-21 09:37   
I still rebuild sources every day, and rebuild the binaries to test the toolchain and the buildhosts. The issue here is that Qt and R upgrades had changes that modified the Source packages (but not the GIT sources).
Changes can get included in sources from: autoconf,automake,libtool,flex,bison,swig
all of which are run once for all platforms during the source-build step.

I guess what I need to do is keep the daily sources separate from the first-built sources (from when the GIT repos changes).

As a side benefit I should be able to generate a notification for myself for this kind of interesting event.

Not sure when I can get to this. It shouldn't happen too often. Please feel free to bug me here again as you notice it.

(Restoring the first-built sources would only get overwritten again with tonight's built).
2015-11-19 02:31   
FYI this is still happening as of graphviz-2.39.20151030.1804.tar.gz, originally created Sat Oct 31 00:46:15 2015, recreated Thu Nov 12 00:46:12 2015.
2016-04-19 22:11   
Still happening as of graphviz-2.39.20160325.1353.tar.gz, originally created Mar 25 23:46:01 2016, recreated Apr 12 23:45:56 2016.

This causes problems for users; e.g.: [^]