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0002556graphvizDocumentationpublic2015-07-02 13:322015-10-25 13:31
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0002556: The abstract grammar is missing a rule for edgeop
On the page [^]
if you follow through the abstract grammar trying to find '--' and '-->', you won't find them, because the definition for 'edgeop' is missing.

It should probably look like:

   edgeop : ('--' | '->')

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2015-07-06 21:50   
The definition for edgeop is a few paragraphs below the grammar. None the less I made a pull request to add edgeop to the grammar itself. [^]

ID is also not defined in the grammar, but in prose beneath it.
2015-10-25 13:31   
The edgeop token is unfortunately context-sensitive, depending on the type of graph, so we can't use a context-free grammar rule. As with ID, the edgeops are described in the text below.