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0002552graphvizCircopublic2015-06-07 20:162015-06-07 20:16
dot - graphviz version 2.39.20150520.1950 (20150520.1950)
0002552: Circo does not optimize edges properly.
Circo, as described in the dot manual, produces "Edge crossings within a circle are minimized by placing as many edges on the circle's perimeter as possible." This does not happen with my version of circo. In many simple cases I get the least optimized or close to the least optimized case. I've uploaded an example. This simple layout could be optimized by placing 3 edges on the outer perimeter and one in the center, but instead it places 3 in the center and one on the perimeter.
Create a digraph with 5 nodes or more and a circo layout.
Connect nodes 3 spaces away (2 nodes inbetween).
Render the graph.
Occurs in my system's default package for graphviz, and also for a fresh install of graphviz from source.
The confirmation of my interpretation of circo, another example, and a quick solution for anyone suffering this problem can be found in this thread. [^]
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