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0002294graphvizOutput Generationpublic2013-06-10 04:282013-10-21 02:52
0002294: large HTML labels: very slow and too much space
Large HTML labels (tables) have two problems:

1. Take a lot of time to generate. This command takes over 3 minutes
dot -Tsvg graph2.gv -o graph2.svg
Same happens for PNG and SVG output.

2. Add too much horizontal space between the columns (see graph2.svg)

This is with the latest stable version and the latest snapshot, on Windows7 (and I'm pretty sure also on Linux).

I attach a test case (graph2.gv) and the corresponding output (graph2.svg and png)
? graph2.gv (10,575) 2013-06-10 04:29
png graph2.png (123,649) 2013-06-10 04:30

? graph2.svg (30,948) 2013-06-10 04:30
? html-label-bug.gv (2,957) 2013-06-10 04:58
png html-label-bug.png (21,257) 2013-06-10 04:58
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2013-06-10 05:01   
html-label-bug.gv is a minimal test case: a single node.
Processing it takes 2:10 minutes on Intel i5 2.67 GHz (4 cores, but gv uses 1 core) with this command:
dot -Tpng html-label-bug.gv -o html-label-bug.png
2013-10-10 16:45   
I agree about the excess horizontal space. I'll look into it. On the other hand, the performance problem on Windows has been fixed. If you get a working version dated 11 October or later, this should be fixed. (Note: our machines are moving tonight, so it may be day or two when the new version is available.)
2013-10-14 09:03   
I've tried with graphviz-2.34.msi and graphviz-2.35.20131014.msi on Windows7 x64 (with both files), and it again takes a long time to process, and makes the tables too wide
2013-10-14 11:04   
2.34 won't change. Any fixes will only go into the working version. Alas, despite the name on the file graphviz-2.35.20131014.msi, this is the 10 October version as you can verify by running dot -V, so the fixes aren't in it. AT&T is curtailing research and in the process of moving us to a new location, so most of the servers have been down since last Thursday. It is hoped that the server environment should return to normal today.
2013-10-16 13:05   
We finally have an updated build. Please try graphviz-2.35.20131016.msi or later. As usual, if the problem is still there, let us know.