xdot versions etc


Am I misreading/misinterpreting something here.

I just downloaded 2.34.0 and was hoping to not have to
add to my antlr4 xdot grammar parser.

So I added the xdotversion attribute

digraph temp {
graph [xdotversion=1.2, rankdir=TB, nslimit=15];


to my input graphs, and processed them with the


flag and get output that looks like:

digraph temp {
graph [_draw_="c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 454 888 454 888 0 ",
node [label="\N"];
17 [_draw_="c 7 -#000000 C 7 -#c0c0c0 P 4 545.25 97.3 508.75 97.3 508.75 72.7 545.25 72.7 ",
_ldraw_="F 14 11 -Times-Roman c 7 -#000000 t 0 T 527 79.4 0 21 3 -529 ",

in particular I see the new t construct showing up. So what should I do
to make my software somewhat resilient to new dot versions.

Cheers, Ian.

This is what is technically

This is what is technically called a screw-up: I missed the wrapper for the 't' operator. This has been fixed in 2.35. Sorry.


So the idea is right, just teething problems. Good.

"t" wasn't too hard to add to the grammar, and in future

things will work as planned.  Though I also note the

the points in the output are floats, so actually xdot 1.3?


I noted the change in

I noted the change in precision as a new version, but when I added the version tracking, I gave up on trying to do this for that change, partly because it would be a lot of work, and partly because the xdot format never specified numerical formats (I know; that's sleazy). Most of the xdot parsers I am aware of did all numbers as floats. Anyway, there is currently no version tracking for 1.3. If you feel this is a real problem for you, I can try to put it in but it may take a while.



No it is not a problem, my parser works fine for the current xdot, its only

future versions that I am apprehensive about.



Cheers, Ian.

Future features should be

Future features should be tracked by the version number, plus xdot tends to be reasonably stable, since most of the features we add only require the existing graphics primitives.

It looks somehow complicated

It looks somehow complicated to me. What happen if we add the graphics primitives?

I don't understand. Anyone

I don't understand. Anyone can extend the xdot format if desired but to be useful to multiple users, there have to be set standards.

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