Workflow credentials missing on linux redhat RHEL6


I have just installed a new KNIME Analytics Platform version 3.1.0 on a RHEL6 machine and try to find out whether I can use all features I know from the Windows Version.

I succeeded in developing a short workflow to connect to database servers (Teradata and MySQL) and to read from one of them a table, storing the result in the other database type.

Now I don't like to store my account name and password in the related Database Connectors directly. I try to store this information as "Workflow credentials". But: right clicking on the Project in the KNIME Explorer, the project line is highlighted, but nothing happens: the context is not opened as I know it should do (compared with the Windows version).

Is there a Bug concerning the Workflow context or is there any configuration missing from my site?


Best Regards


Dedicated Server USA

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