won't open .dot files on mac running ML

I'm a newbie to this, and have been searching a bit for a solution to my problem, but so far no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I have a .dot file, which I want to open with Graphviz, but I repeatedly get the message "The document "XXXX.dot" could not be opened". I'm running Mountain Lion, and the install seemed to have worked fine.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!!!

Get Info on XXXX.dot in the

Get Info on XXXX.dot in the Finder. In the Open With section, make sure Graphviz is selected. Click Change All and confirm.

Better yet: rename the file to XXXX.gv. The .dot extension is deprecated for Graphviz because it is also used by Microsoft Word.

If that doesn't help, try opening the file directly within Graphviz using the Open item in the File menu.

If it still doesn't work, perhaps it's this particular file that's broken. Do other graphs open ok? Try some of the sample graphs included with Graphviz.

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