Windows 2.3x install - dot.exe not in PATH any more?

I've just had an email from a user of a Perl interface to Graphviz.

The author surmises that since the 2.3x versions of Graphviz, installed on Windows, the PATH is not updated to point to the dir containing dot.exe.

Is this the case?

Indeed, as it says on the

Indeed, as it says on the Download page:

Note: As of version 2.31, the Visual Studio package no longer alters the PATH variable or accesses the registry at all. If you wish to use the command-line interface to Graphviz, you will need to set the PATH variable yourself.

We would prefer to set the PATH, but we could never seem to get it right. We would always get someone who complained that we wiped out their entire repository or something. So we took the minimalist route.

Thanx again

Many thanx for the clarification.

I'll have to admend the docs in my module and installation code.



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