[Win7] auto associate gvedit after version upgrade ignored because of dead entry in registry


Win7 machine: after a version upgrade of graphviz gv files are not associated to gvedit.exe and - more importantly - cannot be manually associated to the latest version of gvedit any more (Win7 simply ignores the manual association ... without any prompt). Under a prior graphviz version I have manually set the association for .gv to gvedit.

I solved this by adjusting the version number in the path to .\bin\gvedit.exe in the registry [regedit: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\gvedit(.exe)\shell\open\command].

- Is it possible to have auto association of gv files shipped with the installation?
- Is it possible to discard the relevant auto association entry in the registry upon de-installation of graphviz (which is mandatory for a version upgrade)?

Please give me a shout if you deem this to be a feature request and/or you want me to file a bug.

Many thanks,

It is a nice idea, as was our

It is a nice idea, as was our attempt to add the Graphviz bin to the PATH. We used to do the latter during installation, but we would always get mail from someone who found his PATH was totally corrupted. So we stopped this. Anyway, if you can tell us how either can be done safely using the .msi package, we would be glad to put it in. The one person somewhat familiar with Windows is gone.

Otherwise, please file a feature request so the idea doesn't get lost. Thanks.

I am afraid I am an

I am afraid I am an ordinary Win user, but .msi is really far beyond my capabilities. Thus I have filed a feature request (hopefully correct for your purposes).

NB: Even if ./graphviz/bin is in PATH and thus gvedit known to the system, the registry requires the full path to gvedit.exe. Just checked on my Win7 machine.



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