What is easiest way to make .dot files browser-renderable?

I am looking for the simplest possible solution to make .dot graphviz files browsable in a web browser.

I am using the JBoss project Tattletale to scan dependencies of a bunch of applications we are porting. Tattletale produces a mini-"site" of webpages that show this information in various ways. Some of the web pages have links to .dot files that it also produces to show a graphical view of this information that is quite handy.

However, I can only view this on my pc by copying the files to my pc. There, I can open the top-level index.html in a browser and when I find and click on a link to a .dot file, this opens the .dot file with a file:// url and Windows gets involved, where I have told it to give me the option of opening .dot files with graphviz. But I'd rather leave all this on the server. It's easy enough to browse to the web pages, but in this case, when clicking on a link to a .dot, it is an http:// url and graphviz is not involved.

I am looking for the simplest possible way to make these files browseable. I suppose simplest would be some sort of browser plugin that can read these files, but perhaps a server-side conversion to something that could make the .dots browseable would also help.

Hi, if I understand you


if I understand you correctly, then you generate ".dot" files and HTML pages with links to generated ".dot" files, and all is under your control.

A solution to solve the problem without much work is the make use of vis.js:

Instead of generating  <a href="file.dot">file.dot</a>  generate  <a href="show('file.dot')">file.dot</a>  and use JavaScript function "show()" [that has to be written once] that generates a HTML file using viz.js to actually draw the graph (on the client, in the browser). See this posting describing how easy such an HTML page would look like:

Hermann <GraphvizFiddle/>

One way is to preprocess the

One way is to preprocess the dot files on the server using svg or bitmap+image map output (http://www.graphviz.org/content/output-formats#dimap)

You might also look into canviz https://code.google.com/p/canviz/