What is easiest way to create browser-renderable content from a .dot file?

I am working on a project that uses the JBoss project Tattletale, to scan dependencies between different modules of a system that is being ported. Tattletale produces a bunch of linked html files designed to be browsed and also .dot files that show a handy graphical view of dependencies. The .html files link to the .dot files. I can bring these files to my PC and browse them. When I click on a link in an .html file to one of the .dot files, I was able to set my PC up so that graphviz was an option, and I can view them. But when I leave the whole directory on a server, I can browse the .html pages but the .dot files are rendered as text. This is because when the files are local, the browser gives them a file://url and then Windows gets involved and maps to graphviz, but when the files are remote, this doesn't happen.

I am looking for the simplest solution, and either client-side or server side could work, that would enable these graphics to be rendered in a browser. Is there a browser plugin, an easy server side conversion to something browseable or something similar?


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