Weight not working with sfdp ?

I am interested in the weight attribute for edges and I am drawing large graphes (may be 50k nodes, 1M edges), so I wish to use sfdp. I have read here (http://graphviz.org/content/attrs#dweight) that weight can be used with sfdp. And this example (http://www.graphviz.org/Gallery/undirected/gd_1994_2007.html) seems to use weight.
But, when I have the same image result, using weight or not with sfdp. Moreover, weight is working well with fdp. Did I miss someting ?
Here is the beginning of a graph, of nodes, and edges definitions.
digraph {
  graph [overlap=prism,bgcolor=none,layout=fdp];
  node [label="",shape=diamond,style=filled,width=1,height=1]; 
  "101000011" [color="#42bc00"];
  "000101001" [color="#48b600",shape=circle];
  "110110000" [color="#3ac400"];
  "000001011" [color="#31cd00",shape=circle];
  "110000011" [color="#56a800",shape=circle];
  "100010110" [color="#34ca00"];
  "001101000" -> "001101001" [color="#d52900"]
  "001101000" -> "011101000" [color="#c83600"]
  "011001000" -> "011000000" [weight="1000.0",color="#6f8f00",style=bold,arrowhead=none]
  "011001000" -> "001001000" [weight="1000.0",color="#4faf00",style=bold,arrowhead=none]
  "011001000" -> "010001000" [weight="1000.0",color="#20de00",style=bold,arrowhead=none]
The command line look like :
sfdp -Tpng -oOut.png In.txt
fdp -Tpng -oOut.png In.txt 
I may use fdp for small graphs, but I wish to use sfdp for bigger graphs.
Thanks for your help

Weight not working with sfdp

Sorry, the documentation was incorrect and has been fixed. At present, sfdp does not handle edge weights or lengths, clusters or initial/fixed positions, as these are tricky to handle with multiscale techniques.

Weight not working with sfdp

 Thanks for your answer.
I can understand it is difficult to implement with the multiscale technique and I was hoping it was magicaly done...

Weight not working with sfdp

Miaou, so how did you draw multiscale graphs with weight?

I am sorry I did not answered

I am sorry I did not answered you sooner.
I did not solve the problem. You have to use fdp when my graphs are smalls, and sfdp without weight when graps are big...

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