Visualize Directory Structure in Graphviz

I am interested in using Graphviz to produce a nice graph of the directory structure for a large project I am working on. I was wondering if there is an easy way to do this. Would another tool do this better? Thanks!

Re: Visualize Directory Structure in Graphviz

To add to Emden's comments, Graphviz might not be the best approach. The answer probably depends on the size of the graphs, and the tasks.  People have used Treemaps a lot, and they have been implemented in various languages, but they're better for showing attributes than showing the hierarchy.  If you search on the internet you'll find other tools like Tree Juxtaposer and Dendroscope. Can you explain further? Is an example of your data available?

Stephen North


Re: Visualize Directory Structure in Graphviz

See also   for a broad survey of techniques. 


This depends on what you want

This depends on what you want the output to look like, and how you want to use the output. It also depends somewhat on the size and topology of the tree. You can certainly represent the directory structure as a graph (tree) in the dot language and run the dot layout on it, as this is meant for hierarchies. Another approach is to represent the directory structure using a tree map. This can be done using the patchwork program. A third approach is to use twopi, setting the root directory as the root node in the graph.

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