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I am using Graphviz to help me completing my project. But I have some problems about the version. What should I do if the version of studio library I used to compile my program is different to that which has been used to build the Graphviz library? Should I have to download another version corresponding to the studio library I use?                                                        Looking forward to your answer.                            




If you are working on a

If you are working on a Unix-based system, I'm a bit surprised at this. This can be a problem on Windows if you mix VS with mingw, for example. What OS are you working on?

In the Unix case (macs, linux), it is pretty simple to build from source. This would be the simplest solution. However, note that Graphviz graph library gives you access to hooks for IO. All you need to supply are compatible read, write and flush functions.

Sorry, but I'm a little

Sorry, but I'm a little confused. More specifically, when I call the function agread(), it will cause a crash. The same problem appears due to my call to agwrite(), gvparseArgs() and so on.

Besides, you mentioned the simplest solution is to build from source. I'll be grateful if you could say something more concrete about it. My OS is microsoft windows 7 professional.

Re: My OS is microsoft windows 7 professional.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize that. It is going to be very difficult to build the Graphviz source code on that.  Our build project files are from a very old version of Microsoft Visual Studio that is not supported.  If someone would contribute updated Microsoft Visual Studio project files, we would consider moving Graphviz to a continuous build environment - we had Appveyor in mind.

We aren't Windows programmers and we were not able to migrate the project files from Visual Studio 2005 or whatever we had. We did try the Microsoft migration tool, but it did not run succesfully.

If your project has enough commercial significance, you could consider offering a bounty for someone to perform this conversion. This may be a starting point:

Stephen North



Thanks for your patient

Thanks for your patient reply. Our team will give serious consideration to your proposal. By the way, do you think if I could make it when I run my program on Visual Studio 2005. If not, then what version of Microsoft Visual Studio should I use on that I can build the Graphviz-2.38 source code successfully.

Looking forward to your answer.                                                                                                    

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