Using Hyperlink x[URL:"..."]; with parameters

Hello all,

I have some issues when generating a *.svg from an existing dot-file. A short coding example:
graph G {
2 ;
2 [URL="file:///C:/Users/Call_file.vbs?a=5&b=8"];
Just as a simmple code I create one node (named as "2") and I want to connect that with a hyperlink to .VBS (Visual Basic Script). In addition I want to send parameters to that *.VBS but the upper link does just work if I cut out "?a=5&b=8". With that appendix I want to send parameters a=5 and b=8 to the *.VBS
If I use the URL like above the node does not appear in the *.svg at all. So it seems for me there is a syntax error from my side?!
Do you know how to send hyperlink parameters within Graphviz?

Thank you in advance.


Re: Using Hyperlink x[URL:"..."]; with parameters

What version of Graphviz are you using?
I tried your graph with version 2.38.0 (20140413.2041)and it seemed to do what you wanted:

  xlink:href="file:///C:/Users/Call_file.vbs?a=5&b=8" xlink:title="2"

The resulting xlink does not parse correctly. Firefox says:  "XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location"

But that just seems to say you have to look at the wacky XML encoding rules (different from wacky html encoding rules)


Hi Steve,   Thank you for

Hi Steve,


Thank you for your fast answer! Yes I'm using the same version and it opened the file as I adapted "&" with "&". But now I have the problem, that my .vbs does not get the parameters at all.

When I try to send the parameter by hand via the cmd.exe, they were found in the script. Is there a special way to send those parameters from Inter Explorer to such a file (Syntax, Brackets?)? Or is there a way to run the cmd.exe and set the parameters directly out of the URL?


Thank you



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