Using Graphviz through my Java application

How can i use graphviz in my java application?as an API ?

Depending on how Graphviz was

Depending on how Graphviz was built, there are language bindings for various languages including Java. See the Scripting APIs section at

In addition, there are several Java bindings listed at

Thank you i didn'y figure out

Thank you i didn't figure out how to use the scripting API before..Do you know where can i download the gv_java API?

The java API is part of the

The java API is part of the Graphviz package, depending on who built the package you are using. If you build using source, the java API is built by default, and is installed in ROOT/lib/graphviz/java, assuming ROOT is the root directory where Graphviz was installed. The same should hold for Linux binaries. I do not believe our Windows or Mac binaries are configured to build the java API, but presumably that wouldn't be too hard to set up.

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