unreplied issue on the bug tracker


I have posted a bug report four month ago (http://www.graphviz.org/mantisbt/view.php?id=2266).
The issue is still "new" and the bug is problematic for me.

I recall here the bug report:

The problem is that, with the small code (bug.dot):
digraph G {
A -> B
C -> B
{rank=same; A; B; C}

On Mac OS X (10.7.5) and graphviz from MacPort (graphviz @2.30.1_1+pangocairo+x11), the command "dot -Tpdf bug.dot" produces the error below:

Assertion failed: (constraining_flat_edge(g,v,e) == FALSE), function flat_reorder, file mincross.c, line 1314.

Any help is welcome !


This bug was fixed in March

This bug was fixed in March while working on a related bug. There have been many changes in our work environment, so we are a bit behind in fixing bugs. Sorry. In any case, if you download a development snapshot, things should work okay.

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