Unable to Report an Issue

Why is it so hard to report an issue? It's not conducive to a good community.

I simply wish to report an issue.

So I had to sign up, I can log onto Mantis, but there is no report issue tab.

So, the simple issue that I wished to report:

For a DOT file that starts with (first two lines):

strict digraph c1-ccb {

gvedit reports:

working on C:/Documents and Settings/devops/My Documents/Downloads/c1-ccb.dot
Warning: : syntax error in line 1 near '-'

It's not really a warning, it's a fatal error, as no output is rendered.

Changing the line to:

strict digraph c1ccb {

IE, removing the hyphen, allows the rendering to successfully complete.

In this case, the .dot file is being generated by GitVersionTree (https://github.com/crc8/GitVersionTree), and the name of the digraph is the name of Git repo.


I'm sorry you find reporting

I'm sorry you find reporting problems onerous. Yes, you need to register to enter content anywhere on the site. If everyone were nice, this wouldn't be necessary.

I don't understand your second remark. If you are registered, you pick "Bug and Issue Tracking" in the left hand column. This takes you to the bugs root page, which contains instructions. The first line tells you to click on Issue Tracker to report an issue. If you do this, you are in Mantis and there is a Report Issue tab along the top. 3 clicks.

As for the issue, it isn't one. If you check the DOT grammar at http://www.graphviz.org/content/dot-language, you'll see that unquoted IDs cannot contain the '-' character. You can either wrap the ID in double quotes, or change the '-' character. It would be nice if the parser could recover from this error, but we don't see this as having high priority.

There is no "Report Issue" tab

I also just registered and there is no "Report Issue" tab. My access level is "Viewer" and I cannot change it.

Okay, I am puzzled. Indeed,

Okay, I am puzzled. Indeed, you, along with a good handful of others, are listed as viewers only. Everyone else is a reporter. But all of the accounts look the same in the Graphviz users database. How did you create your Graphviz account? What link did you click on? At present, I don't know what causes this difference.

By the way, I have reset your status to Reporter.

I recently registered too and

I recently registered too and got status "Viewer" and not "Reporter".

I registered at the page http://www.graphviz.org/user/register


You have been reset as a

You have been reset as a reporter. Sorry. I still haven't figured out what is wrong.

I have the same issue. Could

I have the same issue. Could you please reset my status too?

You should be okay now. I

You should be okay now.

I someone can tell me what to set so that people logging into drupal get set as reporters on mantis, I would be grateful.