Unable to Execute Graphviz Script in Spyder

I am unable to execute a Graphviz test script in Spyder (which is based on Python 2.7.9). The Script and the Test Result are attached in .pdf files. The test result shows Pygraphviz is required.

I attempted to install Pygraphviz using pip but that failed because Graphviz could not be found, but Graphviz appears to be installed in /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages. The install attempt and the contents of the /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages directory are also attached in .pdf files.

I am probably not installing Pygraphviz correctly and/or Graphviz is not installed correctly. I would really appreciate any help to overcome this problem.

Graphviz Test Result.pdf12.94 KB
Graphviz Test Script.pdf11.43 KB
Pygraphviz Install Attempt.pdf13.99 KB
Site-Packages Directory Content.pdf14.41 KB

Can we use DOT to plot using the output from VIS model checker?


VIS Model checker's (http://vlsi.colorado.edu/~vis/) documentation says, we can use the output produced by the command print_partition can be used to plot the graph using DOT software. Has anybody used this before? Is it possible.



Re: Unable to Execute Graphviz Script in Spyder

Sorry to hear about the problems. pygraphviz is not provided by graphviz.org.  The project seems to be hosted on github. You might look for help on https://github.com/pygraphviz/pygraphviz/issues and possibly one of the people who wrote or maintain pygraphviz can help.

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