twopi behavior under Linux and Mac OS


just curious about why twopi behaves so differently for the same graph under Linux as opposed to my local environment in Mac? Though the layout is not deterministic, In the latter environment I always get some version of what I've included below: nice radial layout. Under linux, however, the output seems indistinguishable from neato.





GNU/Linux 2.6.18

twopi - graphviz version 2.26.3 (20100126.1600)

Under Linux I get this:

Darwin Kernel Version 11.4.0

twopi - graphviz version 2.29.20120623.0446 (20120623.0446)

On my Macbook air I get this:

It is more likely that the

It is more likely that the difference is due to Graphviz versions (2.26 vs. 2.29) than to the machines. In particular, if you use overlap=false, 2.26 uses a Voronoi diagram-based algorithm, which can lose the "shape" of the drawing. Since 2.28, overlap=false uses the prism algorithm, which does a much better job of preserving the graph's shape..

Right, thanks erg. I've now

Right, thanks erg. I've now got access to 2.28 also on my shared webhost and the results are much improved. 


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