Try the new dot editor for graphviz beginner.

I have developed a new opensource GUI editor named "DotEditor" for graphviz, the publish page is here:< DotEditor Homepage on github >

Currently the program is stable enough for using as a dot language editor, everybody is welcome to use it.

Any suggestion and bug report is helpful, thanks.

DotEditor 0.3 released!

The new 0.3 release of DotEditor is published.

These is new feature in version 0.3:

  1. Improved the script auto-format in script editor.
  2. Fix the string editor bug, now \", \\ can appear in all string item.
  3. Allow edit the label when appending items.
  4. Add some help topic.
  5. And more...

Visit the homepage of DE to download it! DotEditor Homepage

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