tooltip mislocated with its dot source for .png

The issue only happens for .png, but for .gif, it's fine. It's intersting. My graphviz verion is 2.26.3.

When the mouse is hovering, the tooltip is mislocated with its dot source and the show up of the tooltip is lower than the location of its dot source. For example, when the mouse is on 'D', it's showing C's tooltip 'Help C'.

digraph map_example {

subgraph cluster_fulfil {
label = "Example";
style = "dashed";
B[color=blue, URL="B", tooltip="Help B"];
C[color=blue, URL="C", tooltip="Help C"];
D[URL="D", tooltip="Help D"];

A -> B -> C -> D;



Does anybody meet the same problem?

Kind Regards,

Sorry, I can't replicate

Sorry, I can't replicate this, even using 2.36. Please submit a bug report ( with both the map file and the png file, as well as the output you get when you run dot with a -v flag.

Good news for me

It's good news for me. It looks not a problem from the dot. I'll do more check and update as soon as I get something new. Thanks

Good new for me

It's good news for me. If it's not an original problem from 'graphviz'. I may can find some way to fix it. I'll do more check and keep you updated.

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