Is there a limit for sametail definitions number in DOT ?

could someone find out why the following example produces an error with dot, whereas it works fine when removing the last line (or replace T6 with T5, for example)?
digraph "test" {
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T1];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T2];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T3];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T4];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T5];
Node0 -> Node1 [sametail=T6];
Thank you !

Is there a limit for sametail

Dot limits the number of samehead/sametail specifications to 5. You should be getting an error message of the form
   Error: too many same{head,tail} groups for node Node0
(There was also a error freeing memory, but that is now fixed.)  Note that this isn't a limit on the number of edges involved but only on the number of positions where edges can share contact points. As a related comment, your use of sametail in the example graph will have no effect since the sametail attribute only makes a difference if more than one edge has the same sametail value. In your graph, all of the sametail values are unique.
If you really find that 5 is too limiting, let us know or submit a modification request via the issue tracker:
and we can see about relaxing the constraint.

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