Sub Cluster Grief

Hi all
I'm relatively new to GV and am developing a SQL script to generate input for the DOT engine.
As an aside, the input generated represents hierarchical workflow events.
I've been able to resolve 90% of the bugs I've had (like nulls etc) but there's one particular bug I cant seem to fix.
The structure I produce is a cluster containing nodes pointing (edges) to other nodes and sometimes pointing to inner clusters.
These inner clusters are my grief.
I've attached a .gv file to the blog and am wondering whether someone might point me in the right direction?
The console produces a number of errors, each similar saying cannot find cluster ....

thanks in advance.

ps. I think this is the BEST product I've ever used . It is seriously fantastic.
Good work to the founder and contributing developers.

EventProcess_BPInit1.txt80.14 KB

Names are case-sensitive. One

Names are case-sensitive. One of the error messages says:

  Warning: cluster named cluster_sub_BuildPerm_ApplAssess_BPunctref1_Reject not found

Looking at the clusters in your graph, I can't find a cluster with that name, but I do find cluster_sub_BuildPerm_ApplAssess_BPUnctRef1_Reject, which is almost the same except for the BPUnctRef1 instead of BPunctref1.


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