Strange behavior when layouting workflow diagrams

I've detected a strange behavior on Graphviz when trying to layout horizontal workflows.

The graph i'm trying to layout is nothing more than a directed graph with boxes representing tasks and arrows between them representing the flow, with the graph pointing towards a direction (left to right, in my case).

The issue is when there is a reflux, in other words, an arrow pointing back to a task that was already represented. In this case, the arrow ALWAYS choose the upward direction, when there is an obvious best path if they choose downwards (less crossover with other paths).

The picture shows more clearly what I mean by this:

Is there any workarounds for this behavior?

Thank you in advance.

Sorry, no. The code for

Sorry, no. The code for routing edges using compass point ports is not as sophisticated as it could be. Please consider submitting a bug report at so we can have a record of the problem. Thanks.

Never mind. I see that you already submitted one. Thanks again

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