Hi all

Trying to make a dot chart for the first time, but am currently unable.

So far I have:

 - created a .dot file
 - downloaded  and unzipped graphviz-2.38

Have no idea what to do next despite reasonable attempts to navigate website, have little to no programming skills.

Any help would be much appreciated.


You didn't mention what type

You didn't mention what type of operating system you are using, but basically you need to make sure the Graphviz bin directory is in your PATH. Graphviz comes with a simple program called gvedit that provides a GUI interface. Start gvedit, then click the top left icon to create a new text window and type in or cut and paste your graph, or click the second icon to open an existing dot file. Then click the rightmost icon to display the graph. You can then continue to edit and redraw the graph. You can use the second icon from the right to change the layout program, output format, etc.

If you want to use the command-line interface, open a shell window, change directory to where you dot file is, and then run a layout program. For example, if your file is and you want a dot layout producing PNG, you would run

dot -Tpng -o abc.png

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