Spacing of Nodes

Hello! I am very new to Graphviz and am struggling to get the spacing of my nodes an appropriate distance from one another. I have three main nodes: Lit, OAA, and BNC. I would like for there to more space between OAA and BNC than there currently is. Is there a way just to increase the distance between two nodes and not the other nodes?

Here's my code:
digraph "proposedmodel" { rankdir=TB; node [fontname="Palatino-Bold" fontsize=11 shape=box]; edge [fontname="Palatino" fontsize=10]; center=1; "Lit" [shape=ellipse] "OAA" [shape=ellipse] "BNC" [shape=ellipse]
"OAA"-> "BNC" [label = 0.90; dir=both, nodesep="4"];
"BNC" -> "NI" [label="0.80"];
"BNC" -> "QD" [label="0.78"];
"BNC" -> "MN" [label="0.88"];
"RR" -> "OAA" [label="0.80", dir=back];
"A1" -> "OAA" [label="0.80", dir=back];
"A2" -> "OAA" [label="0.75", dir=back];
"S1" -> "OAA" [label="0.84", dir=back];
"S2" -> "OAA" [label="0.72", dir=back];
"WP" -> "OAA" [label="0.75", dir=back];
"Lit" -> "NR" [label="0.77"];
"Lit" -> "LS" [label="0.39"];
"Lit" -> "OR" [label="0.89"];
"Lit" -> "RC" [label="0.82"];
"Lit" -> "LC" [label="0.53"];
"Lit" -> "SN" [label="0.82"];
"Lit" -> "D" [label="0.74"]
{rank=same; "Lit"; "BNC"; "OAA"}}

And I would actually love for OAA, Lit, and BNC to be in more of a triangular shape instead of a line but haven't been able to figure that out. If anyone can help with either of these things, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Thank you! This is very helpful!

nodesep is a graph attribute,

nodesep is a graph attribute, so you can't specify it on a per node basis. You can get both things you want by adding the edge

"OAA"-> "Lit" [style=invis]

and getting rid of the rank=same constraint on your main nodes.

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