Source errors in XCode

Greetings. This is my first time posting here. I'm working on an educational project involving open source communities and contributing to projects. I found Graphviz through a suggestion from a professor on the topic of finite state automata, and I noticed it is open source so I am giving it a try forking and cloning the GitHub repository. Problem is, now that I have a clone of the repo, it's not opening correctly in XCode. Some of the required files are stated to be .h files but are in the project files as Beyond those, I am getting a linker error that seems to be missing these files:


Any common knowledge on how to fix this? I can't seem to find any of the above files in the source anywhere. Is it just a setting on XCode that I'm missing? Anyway thanks for your time!

sorry, don't use github, get the source from

The graphviz code on github assumes you'll be building with the command line tools.

Please try downloading the current source code archive (tarball) from and you will find these files are already generated in the source tree.



Just FYI.  The tar.gz sources

Just FYI.  The tar.gz sources are generated from a git clone by using:

          ./; make dist

This step runs things like autoconf, automake, libtoolize  (extra tooling which you don't need if building from the tar.gz)

Also, version numbering is handled in this step, such that versioning is uniform across all platforms and builds.