sccmap - output to file

I've been trying to output sccmap results to a file.
In the documentation it says:
sccmap [-dsv] [ -ooutfile ] [ files ]
Assuming my dot file is named and the results are to be stored in output.txt, I typed in this following command.
sccmap -ooutput.txt
This doesn't work. It says it doesn't recognize -o, -u, -t, -p, -. and -x.
So I left a space in between -o and output.txt
sccmap -o output.txt
then it says unable to find output.txt.
I created an empty file at the same location as, and tried the same command again.
This time it runs fine (no errors prompted), but output.txt is empty. Nothing is written to the file.
In fact, for the last try, sccmap output was shown in the terminal window instead.
How does -o really work for sccmap?

try using the command parameters in the order shown

 You said you tried 
sccmap -ooutput.txt
however, looking at the documentation, as you quoted, the file is one of the [files] so have you tried putting it at the end?
sccmap -ooutput.txt
I agree that the command-line processing should be more robust and give better error messages but it does seem very sensitive to using the order given. I also find it counter-intuitive that the output file comes before the file arguments but that's a side-effect of using a "switch" (-o) to specify output.
You can probably also use typical redirection
sccmap > output.txt

try using the command parameters in the order shown

I put the [files] at the end, but it doesn't work.

It still shows me unrecognized option.

However, the redirection works well for me.

I think it should be included in the documention for easier reference.


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