pygraphviz installation on cygwin on 64-bit machine

I Successfully downloaded/installed graphviz using graphviz-2.38.msi. But when I try to link to my installed graphviz while installing pygraphviz (64-bit machine running cygwin), it does not like the dll files provided in the installation ("skipping incompatible .../cgraph.dll"). I tried: python build -c mingw32 But got: gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mno-cygwin’ Any ideas? I really want to use graphviz from Python.

Re: pygraphviz installation on cygwin on 64-bit machine


same problem here.

My x64 application cannot be 32-bit, because of its specific needs.

I run neato.exe as a sub-process and via windows' pipes I get input and resposne (a jpg sent to stdout).

I do this for a few years, and it is safer, because neato.exe I use is crashing very often, since it is very buggy.




pygraphviz on cygwin

I have the same problem - can there really be no solution?

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