programmatically modify label's text


I want to display graph and modify the label text by my program (C/C++)
I looked into SVG but IE8 / Firefox do not let me display my svg file.
I'm thinking of converting svg to html but maybe there is a better way
I would appreciate any advice.
The other issue is the API of the display tool, again your advice would
be appreciated


If you want to display a

If you want to display a graph in a browser using Graphviz, you can use SVG or html with image maps. For the latter, see Alternatively, you can use Graphviz to get the layout and handle the display yourself using php, javascript or some other web language.

Concerning the API, you'll need to be more specific. Basic documentation can be found in

programmatically modify label's text

Thank yo for your reply. As I mentioned both my browsers fail to read svg (IE8, FireFox 29.1) so the question is if it's a good idea to convert svg to html

(do you know a robust one that supports the full std. ?)

The other issue is which good viewer can I use (it has to have c/c++ api). I searched the web andd found :

A) crimson - i could not make it run, have to spend more time ..

B) does not show label's text (targeted for pictures rather than graphs )

do you know a good one ?




You can use IE9+ or chrome,which support the svg natively.

If you want to change the label in browser,you can use javascript.

I don't know about crimson and antigrain.

Well, if you need to view the

Well, if you need to view the graph in a browser and your browser doesn't support svg, it would appear you have no choice but to use image maps. I'm a bit surprised at your remark about firefox. I use firefox 29.0.1 and it does a reasonable job on svg.

As for svg viewers, I either use a browser (firefox, chrome, safari, opera) or inkscape.

Firefox SVG

I prefixed the file full path with file:/// and it's working fine

Firefox SVG

should i install plug-in for svg to make Firefox displaymy svg file ?

Firefox SVG

should i install plug-in for svg to make Firefox displaymy svg file ?

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