Problems with neato when implementing geographical coordinate assignment

Dear all,
I am trying to make a graph to put on the picture of European Map (1600x1200.png). I use neato form a graph
I looked at the coordinates on MS paint. I am aware that, mspaint uses its left top center for 0,0 (pixel) - neato uses its left bottom center for 0,0 (pixel). I modified my code (which forms the dot file) to change the y axis.
I get my graph information from the database and form the dot file by the code.
The problems are:
- The resolution is not 1600x1200 (It becomes even more resolution if I put a node on 1600x1200 for test purposes)
- Even specified, some countries are not in the place that they should be. It seems that the nodes in the middle part of the graph are just not in the place they should be. They are just too near and mixed.
It is also interesting that, when I don`t put the links - some of them are in near to the coordinate thet should be but change their places when links are given.
Please inform me what I do wrong, or should I use another program instead?
My configurations starts like this:
strict graph G {
    size="1600, 1200";

    BNIX                [ pos = "800, 687!" ];
    London              [ pos = "705, 650!" ];
    Frankfurt           [ pos = "902, 700!" ];
    Amsterdam       [ pos = "823, 642!" ];
And I use the command like:
sudo neato -n1 -s -Tpng .... -o .....
Best regards,
Enis K.

Problems with neato when

Without knowing all of the details as to how you are combining your .png file and the neato output, I can't give you a definitive answer. However, there are some things to note:
- the size attribute for G uses inches for its units, so 1600,1200 is probably bigger than you want
- the 1600x1200 resolution for your png file is in pixels, but all dot coordinates are device-independent. You will need to use the DPI attribute to handle the conversion.
- by default, neato is going to do a translation to the origin, followed by adding a margin around the graph bounding box. You may need to turn these off or factor them in.
I don't know what to say about your comments that countries are not where they should be, and that adding links changes the place of countries. If the nodes are pinned, and with your given size attribute, the only change that neato -n may introduce is a translation. If you feel there is something wrong going on, consider filing a bug report.

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