Problem with Visual Studio 2015 in Debug configuration

Hello, I'm developing an application using Graphviz for Graph rendering and I came across a bad problem: when I try to debug the program in Debug mode I get a Windows kernel error saying it can't find the right runtime:

Activation context generation failed for "D:\Dropbox\Toroknem\Toroknem\Debug\gvc.dll". Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC90.DebugCRT,processorArchitecture="x86",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="9.0.21022.8" could not be found.

I'm using the lib and dll files from the lib/debug directory of the binary distribution.

I tried to recompile Graphviz with VS2015, to use the last version of the VS runtime, but it seems like that's not an option: I get about 55 errors of various types (mostly syntax and linking) and sadly I can't afford to spend any more time on trying to fix the compilation in VS2015.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? Am I using the wrong library files?

Thank you,
Riccardo Paolo Bestetti.

P.S.: the Release configuration works fine.


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