Problem - formating issue and suggestion

Hello all! First, i want senk you for creating such nice tool. Howewer, by using it, for example trying to run demo, some problems appear. The for-calculated graph with positions, etc. is displayed perfectly fine. Howewer i can not figure out how to use the dot.exe etc... tools to format the graph with no positions prepared. Can you answer with runnable code, or i understand something wrong about graphviz executables? Explecitely for that i have an idea to make the formatting tool (for positions and borders of the nodes) in java so you dont need to have GraphViz at all. Second, i wanted to say that the link, what you youse in example, is broken probably because you must use the float surrounded by quotes: Wrong: width=1.3917 Right : width="1.3917"

The Graphviz tools mostly

The Graphviz tools mostly rely on a command-line, language-based interface. Typically, you would use a text editor to create a file, say x.gv, containing the abstract description of the graph using the dot language. For example, x.gv might contain

  digraph G { a -> b }

To layout and render the graph you would then use a command shell window and type, say,

  dot -Tpng -o x.png x.gv

This will lay out the graph using dot, render the image as png and store it in the file x.png.

Graphviz does come with a rudimentary GUI program called gvedit, which allows you to specify much of this interaction using the mouse.

As for you comment about the width attribute, no, the page is correct. The dot language accepts floating point notation without being quoted. See and, more generally, the top links at for more details.

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