Problem on Circo Layout


I got a problem on Circo Layout when I use viz.js.

At the first time, I set the size of nodes as default, and the layout of the graph is perfect.(the left picture in the attached file)

Later, I changed the width and height of the nodes, however, the layout of the nodes keep the same.(the right picture in the attached file)

I don't like the node coincidence, because it couldn't show the nodes perfectly.

Could you give me any advice?

Thanks & Happy New year

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Hi, if you have bigger size


if you have bigger size nodes, then you can avoid overlap by using circo graph "mindist" feature:

You can try it out in your browser here:

I did setup an initial graph with circo layout looking similar to your left picture.

If you uncomment the 1st comment and click "Generate" button you will see layout with problem similar to your right picture.

If you then uncomment the 2nd comment and click "Generate" button you will see that overlap got removed from layout.

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According the General

According the General Commands Manual "overlap=false" is available for "twopi" layout only. But it has effect for "circo" layout as well and the result looks even better than using "mindist=2.5" in order to avoid overlap because that makes all nodes move away and results in a bigger drawing.

G a a C C a->C b b b->C A A B B A->B A->C x x y y z z D D B->D C->x C->y C->z C->D R R R->C

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Gack. I'm not sure how that

Gack. I'm not sure how that got there, but the overlap attribute is available for all the layout programs except dot. (You can set it and use dot, but it's a no-op since dot guarantees not node overlap). I will need to edit those pages.

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