Problem about layout


I'attached the file. I wanna use 4 nodes in my graph and I wish the layout would be similar to image1. I set the layout as circo and I got the image2. In addition, I set the layout as osage and I got the image3.

I need to rotate the image2 or set the size of image3. How to do this?

viz.png21.56 KB

Try running the dot layout on

Try running the dot layout on the file

graph {
  node[style=filled fillcolor=lightblue fontcolor=white shape=box]
  CNTZW01181  -- CNTZW01001
  CNTZW01181  -- CNTZW01002
  CNTZW01182  -- CNTZW01001
  CNTZW01182  -- CNTZW01002
  CNTZW01181  -- CNTZW01182 [constraint=false]


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