Polylines edges when using ports graphviz

I am using Graphviz to create a graph with nodes that are HTML-like labels and I am using ports to define where on the node I want to connect with other nodes. Attached the .dot file and the image generated by dot.

I would like to have the edges drawn as polylines instead of curved arcs. I tried to modify the splines attribute for the graph but it does not work, in fact from the graphviz documentation I found this: "The value ortho specifies edges should be routed as polylines of axis-aligned segments. Currently, the routing does not handle ports or, in dot, edge labels."

Can you help in finding a solution to have polylines (or better looking edges) using ports?


Graph_Example.txt3.91 KB
Graph_Example.png23.31 KB

Set splines=polyline

Set splines=polyline

splines = ortho

What I want it is to use is splines = ortho instead of splines = polylline and at the same time using ports. 

Is it possible somehow?

Thanks in advance

No, that feature is still

No, that feature is still missing. Sorry.

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