pad multi-line node label

I'm creating a graph with multi-line text in nodes (just basic text, not a html label). Sometimes the text on adjacent lines within a node gets too cramped, with letters on upper lines almost touching letters on lower lines. Is there a way to increase the inter-line spacing slightly? I know I could add an empty line to space things out, but that produces far too much distance between the lines. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Can you provide a sample

Can you provide a sample graph and the output? Also, run the layout program with the -v flag and attach the top lines in the verbose output, up to and including lines starting with "fontname:" Thanks.

This could be due to an off-line renderer, such as an svg viewer, using different fonts from those used by graphviz; to your version of graphviz falling back on the built-in font metrics; or to a bug.

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