Ortho and tailport


I'm new to Graphviz and wanted to use ortho lines ans tailports, but it seems that this is not working.
Are there plans to implement it? Or is there a work-around?


Orthogonal Edges


I have just as the same problem,

I am new here too.
The GraphViz has a lot of modules to visualize a graph data but it is really a big disappointment if no orthogonal edges could be created with it.

I just can't believe! so I am still digging into the switches and options with hope to find it somewhere!

I have an electricity network in my GIS database and I wish to create an orthogonal schematic diagram out of it.

There is a product on the web with name tomsawyer which does generate orthogonal graphs but it is not open source and GraphViz has a lot more features comparing with it.

Expert advise needed : Does graphViz have the ability to generate orthogonal graphs right now? if yes, how? if not, do you have a plan to implement it in near future?

Thank you very much,

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