Old vs new splines=ortho


I had to upgrade to 2.38.0 in order to use newrank, but in that process I noticed the edges are now drawn differently. The old ortho edges were straight lines which bent at various obtuse angles while the new ortho edges bend only at 90° angles.

Is there a way to get the old edges back?


It sounds like you weren't

It sounds like you weren't getting splines=ortho previously, but splines=polyline. Try that and see if that gives you the old look. If not, please post your graph and what the old output looked like. Thanks.

I'm absolutely certain I was

I'm absolutely certain I was using splines=ortho

ortho=polylines doesn't make any difference than omitting splines, so I doubt it's a valid keyword


Setrting splines=ortho has

Setrting splines=ortho has always produced on right-angle bends. Please post an example graph showing the problem, and also the output you are getting. Thanks. Or file a bug report.

There is no way to embed

There is no way to embed graphics that I can see.

At any rate, I would have to downgrade my graphviz version to reproduce the edges. I gave up on it and I'm now just using standard splines. Hopefully they won't spaghetti on me.

(BTW thread notification seems hosed on this site)

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